About The Blog

Hello, and welcome on the ride around my mind, and my perception of the world.

This is a blog about what im doing, my opinions on things, but also alot of technical stuff. One of the main motivations for doing the blog is to make me better at expressing things and look at things in a different way. So even though its mainly for myself, I hope that you will find some of the information useful. Again, Welcome!

  1. Matt Mullins

    Hi Kim, I have started my CCIE journey and came across your blog from the online study list. I read through most of your posts today and it feels daunting the amount of study time needed. Like you, I have purchased the ipexpert bundled learning solution. Good luck on your next lab attempt!


    • Thanks alot for stopping by. I hope you will find some of the contents interesting and worth your time!

      Take your time and find pleasure in learning. I think thats the key.

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