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Help the readers out!

I own alot of books.
By books, i mean those paper things, that takes up alot of space and for which we chop down trees.
Recently, i have been shifting my reading onto my iPad. Its easy to carry around, it holds multiple books and pdf files. On top of that, i find its a great reading device. The fonts are rendered fantastically and they are easy on the eyes to read. I have no trouble reading on the iPad.
What i would really like, is for services like Amazon to offer an “upgrade” for owners of the physical books. The upgrade would consist of being able to download the ebook of the same physical book. Maybe a dollar or two would be the right price point for this type of service.
So please, help out the readers, help out the environment and at the same time, transform your company to the digital lifestyle (and maybe keep your profits up).

Getting warmer.. warmer.. hot!

I like sunny weather when its moderate, but temperatures in the 25+ Celcius range is a bit too much for me. Especially when I need to spend time in front of my computer. I will need some kind of cooling solution this summer for sure.
My idea was a fan with a timer on it for falling asleep, but not having it turned on all night (the draft will make you sick).
I am not a huge fan of an aircondition because of the wattage used by one of those badboys.
On another note, I need to start eating alot more healthy than I am now. I can feel my energy deposits going down when im not exercising nor eating particularly healthy.

Will you explain it this way to your children?

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