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How will peace be established when…

How will peace ever be established between the large parts of the muslim world and the west, when young kids are being taught to kill for depicting a god in a way you dont like?

Well, thats exactly what a children show stipulated a few days ago, regarding the now infamous Muhammed drawings.

A show for kids by the palestinian channel al Aqsa, had a pink bunny say, that if the artist behind the drawings ever did such a thing again, he must certainly die!

Well, thats just great. Another nail in the coffin that is our cultural divide.

Link to Danish news site reporting of this here

Collision in the streets – Freedom of speech Vs. Islamic Fundamentalism Part II

Dont know if you heard, but at this very moment Denmark is experiencing alot of riots in the streets of major cities.

Once again, pictures of the prophet Muhammed, are being displayed on major newspapers. This time not as a simple journalistic interest, but because members of the Islamic community has put forth deaththreats on the person is behind them. Police have judged the threats as to be very real. As a support, and to get this public knowledge, major Danish newspapers have all re-printed the pictures. Hence the riots.

People with a strong muslim belief, seem to think its appropriate to set forth death threats, burning flags, show disrespect for the constitution and generally replace all socially acceptable  behavior, with an animal like riot towards all the wrong people, namely the every day bloke on the street, by burning cars, containers, and even in some cases buildings.

Who are these people? and what makes them think they will actually to anything else, than to make an already bad situation for other muslims even worse? Must be a bunch of complete morrons in my opinion. People with no sense as to voice their opinion to the correct authorities, instead of burning down the lot, should get their  heads checked.

Wake up, and realize you are making it alot worse for youself in the end.