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Change of focus

I have decided to change my focus quite a bit.

I was planning on tackling the IOS-XR exam this year and was preparing for it by going through the blueprint. However another track kept pulling me towards it, and ofcourse thats the CCDE track.

I have spent the last 6 years learning how to do something, but so far i havent spent alot of time thinking about why that is.

I am not doing the CCDE track in order to pass the exam. I might not even go as far as giving the practical exam a go. I am however going to pursue the written exam for now, as it will give me a target for which to learn new stuff.

To that end, a few of us have created a study group, which im very thrilled about. It will provide an outlet for any ideas and thoughts as well as input. All in all great stuff.

So thats a quick update 🙂

Passed the CCIE SP Lab exam.

CCIE Service ProviderWell, a short update. I managed to pass the CCIE Service Provider lab exam on March 14th.

I am quite exhausted from the experience, but very happy 🙂

Mr. Ferro’s “Arse First Method of Technical Blogging”!

I just had a chance to go ahead and read Mr. Greg Ferro’s ebook called ”Arse First Method of Technical Blogging“.

The book is being published by Leanpub (, an independent publisher and the readers will get free updates to the book as they become available.

Mr. Ferro is well known from as well as the Packet Pushers podcast.

The book is all about writing a technical blog. It takes you through some important facets of writing a blog, namely why to blog in the first place and the importance of actually publishing something.

The book is short and to the point, something the book itself preaches in its contents.

The workflow of writing a blog post is examined with the outline of going from the bottom up. An interesting idea that I personally hope will help me get started with some blog ideas I have.

Mr. Ferro also offers some advice from his years blogging at as well as some information about editing and publishing tools. I appreciated this information as im always interested in ways of managing information.

My impression of the book is very positive. Sure it needs some work here and there, but its a work in progress and im sure he will incorporate any ideas and suggestions the readers might have. My own suggestion would be to include a short example of writing a blog post

In Summary
”Arse First Method of Technical Blogging“ is a book thats well worth the few bucks. It presents some very good ideas and pointers to get started with blogging technical material.

The main theme of the book is contained in the title. Start from the bottom and go from there, which is a great idea to actually get any writing started at all.

The book is a clear example that Mr. Ferro has put alot of thought into the workflow of writing blogposts, something that is obvious when reading over at

I enjoyed reading the entire thing in one go and can recommend it to others.

Go ahead and get your copy here:

Disclaimer: I paid for this book myself because I was curious about its contents. I have not been asked to write anything or endorse it in any way.

Going to DKNOG

I just ordered my ticket for DKNOG, which will be happening on March 21st in Copenhagen.

Catch me there if you can!

Becomming Zen’ish?

Wow. The other day, someone posted a link to []. and I was hooked right away.

The entire idea around being “Zen’ish” really appeals to me on a fundamental level. I like the idea behind it, i like what it entails, i like the discipline and i like the calmness.

Do i want to give everything up and join a monastery? – No, definitely not. That is what is so great about this site. It contains tips on how to incorporate the Zen into every day things.

I certainly recommend you take a detour over onto that site and spend just 20 minutes of your time reading through some of the posts. I think you will thank me later.

Time to put the beans to rest

Yesterday brought with it another Java security breach. It is security breach that doesnt yet have a fix for it (0-day), so short of disabling Java on your computer, you are out of luck.

Im continually amazed that we keep running this piece of software, but I guess I shouldnt be, given people’s track record of running insecure software (think older Internet Explorer browsers on windows).

My dilemma as a Danish citizen is the fact that we are forced to run Java applications from a certain vendor in order to access pretty much anything from our online banking, to our communication with the government. Ofcourse, the vendor in question doesnt seem to think there’s an issue at all.

I disagree. After countless Java security breaches its time we stop using Java alltogether.

Another great motivational video

Just wanted to share another great motivational video


The saga will continue

Sorry for the lack of contents lately.

I am dealing with some personal issues that put a bit of a pause to my studies.

As soon as I’m fit for it I will put up some stuff related to the SP space.

Until then, take care everybody.

Why setting goals does matter.

Today I came across a blog post from a guy which I respect deeply. However, I disagree wholeheartedly with the content in the post.

The title says: “That Setting Yourself Goals is Practising Failure” and the entire post can be found here.

In summary, it states that setting yourself goals, is missing out on the dynamic nature of life, as it is constantly changing. By setting yourself one goal and succeeding in getting there and then just create another goal is pointless.

I disagree. And here’s my reasoning.

I see people go through life haphazardly all the time. If something good happens to them, they are happy, if not, they are unhappy. I dont want to be one of those people.

For me, the very act of not making up your mind on where you want to be, what you want to do and with whom you want to do it with is pointless. I dont want to live my life by mere chance. I want to influence my destiny toward something worthy. A worthy goal.

Some people only have a few overall goals in life. Getting married to the perfect person, having a nice home and perfect children might be some of those goals.

Others, like myself, make goals all the time. I feel a sense of fulfillment when im working toward a goal. I feel a sense of fulfillment when I accomplish the goal. The goals guide me towards what I value. Setting a goal like going out for dinner with my girlfriend twice a month, will put me on a path and journey thats important to me.

Its true that its the quality of the journey that’s important, not the stops on the way. However, the goals make me embark on this journey in the first place. Stopping every now and then to make sure you are still on the right path makes sense to me.

Goals change, just as your values in life change. A goal you set a week, month or year ago, might not be valid today. Think about your current values and set a goal that aligns with these values. For me, goals are not static Stop signs. They are markers along a highway called life, marking the places I want to visit during my stay here.

So while I agree with Mr. Ferro on almost all other technical points, this is a topic in which we must agree to disagree.

Week on the wire – Week 9.

Its been a rough week. I have been finishing up projects and getting rid of loose ends.

I have also been giving a couple of lectures on IPv6 (Basically primers) to customers as well as some information on basic failover configuration in IOS. The advent of 3G and low cost gives alot of new opportunities for customers.

The rumor mill indicator is a solid green with news of the comming iPad 3.

And yes, i will be getting one as well. Sometimes i think i should have Apple as a permanent part of my
monthly payments.
Head on over to Mac Rumors ( to learn more.

Some CCIE datacenter news.
Over on FryGuy’s blog theres a small piece that seems to confirm the CCIE datacenter certification:

There are more rumors about Cisco trying to go back to its core business as well. Even though Cisco fully commits to keep making weird things.

In this case its the Set-Top boxes: Cisco keeps making set-top boxes!

I keep thinking they should follow the Apple strategy. Its not bad to take/steal strategies from other companies when it might benefit your own business. In this case its: Keep-it-Simple! Focus on core areas!
Some very interesting information on D-Duplication in Windows Server 8:

And finally, i cannot recommend Endomondo enough. I use it to track all my exercises. Its an example of an App and a service that does something really well and doesnt include any crapware.

Try it out at: