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Kiss my a*s all of you… The World is going crazy!

America’s war on tourism: airlines to foot the bill for fingerprinting foreigners as the leave the US

Scotland Yard wants DNA samples from 5-year-olds in case they grow up to be criminals; Oyster card records to become part of “war on terror”

I mean, come on. Do you really think this sort of thing is sensible to do? If you read the first article, you will know that the US laws, regarding scanning/fingerprinting/probing of foreigners coming to the country, have only found 1000 Visa-Over-stayers at a price of $15.000.000 a pop. Nice balance.

The second article gives reason for concern regarding every 5+ year old. If you show signs of criminal-in-the-future-behavior, you should have your DNA obtained and cataloged for future scrutiny every time there’s the least suspicion that you might have committed a crime, or even been near one at any given time. (Like a burglary in your neighborhood.)

Help fight global warming!

Take a look at this little picture helping you, fight the biggest problem facing humanity – global warming:

What you can do to help fight global warming

Net neutrality explained

A link on Digg pointed towards a YouTube video explaining Net neutrality. This is an important subject, not just in the US, but everywhere. The Telco’s might own the pipes, but they shouldnt get to decide what gets to flow through them.

Check it out.


Great summary of what type of man Barack Obama really is.

Reading Marc Andreessen’s blog I came across his endorsement of Barack Obama. He writes of a meeting in early 2007, which basically shapes his opinion about Barack Obama. Without meeting the man, this is the impression I have as well.

Link to blog post.

How will peace be established when…

How will peace ever be established between the large parts of the muslim world and the west, when young kids are being taught to kill for depicting a god in a way you dont like?

Well, thats exactly what a children show stipulated a few days ago, regarding the now infamous Muhammed drawings.

A show for kids by the palestinian channel al Aqsa, had a pink bunny say, that if the artist behind the drawings ever did such a thing again, he must certainly die!

Well, thats just great. Another nail in the coffin that is our cultural divide.

Link to Danish news site reporting of this here

Great Quote:

and do you really believe 10,000 outraged letters to a congressman outweigh $10,000 in unmarked bills?

government is one of the few real bargains left

Seen on regarding the ComCast hearing (FCC)

Lessig08 not going to happen.

So Larry Lessig has decided not to run for congress. The decision comes mainly because of time and fear
it might damage the entire “Change Congress” campaign. I can understand that position. I would very much
like to see a game plan on how this campaign will gain momentum.

And I would really like to help out, but seeing as im not an American, theres apparently not much I can do to help 🙁

Lessig considering congress – I agree

I have given some thought about Larry Lessig’s possible candidacy for congress. I have come to the conclussion that I would agree with it, for the following reasons:

  1. Exposure.
  2. Rally the right people.

For starters, I believe that by running for congress, Lessig will create some exposure about the corruption in American politics. Everybody knows its there, but nobody is willing to change it. Lessig is out to change it, and for that very reason, all exposure is good exposure.

Secondly, at the moment I believe that many of his supporters are the same people who believed in his previous life as a copyright-reformist. I do not necessarily agree that this crowd is the same as the crowd thats needed for a direct political effort.  I would love to be wrong about this one, as it would prove that technologists have political influence as well.

Im looking forward to receiving word on what the decision will be. Either way, his cause is a good one, one worthy of pursuing by any means necessary.

Lessig considering congress.

Just noticed that Lessig is considering running for congress this year. I am not quite sure how I feel about this yet. I have great admiration for all his work so far, but i guess i just have a bad feeling about all politicians in the beginning. Will Lessig be able to change anything from within congress, and does it really matter if he makes it or not, as long as he makes enough noise about the issues, in doing so? or will people see a failure to win, as a failure to the cause of creating a corruption free congress?

I dont know, but i think i will come to a better understanding after having thought about it for a day or two. To be hones, I really didnt think he seriously considered running.

<To Be Continued>

Clinton supporter goes Obama

Yesterday I read about a Clinton supporter going Obama. However, it was the way in which she changed her support that was interesting.

She wrote a piece, a great piece to be exact, outlining the reasons why she believed that Clinton should step down, and offer her full support to Obama. Her point was spot on in my opinion.

Hillary Clinton simply doesnt have what it takes to run against Senator John McCain. If Hillary Clinton became the democratic party’s nominee, it would most certainly end up like it did last time. A mudfight with no real issues. If Clinton truly believed in changing America, she would step down, pass the torch to Obama and show support from now on and all the way to the end.

Chance of this happening? well… dont bet your life savings on it. Hillary Clinton simply doesnt strike me as a person fighting for anything except the same old, same old. A shame though, since the Democratic party really possess a great candidate, and an option for real change.

Read the great blog post here: Queen Of Spain – Dear Senator Hillary Clinton, Please step down.