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Progress update – 10/07-2017

Hello folks,

Im currently going through the INE DC videos and learning a lot about fabrics and how they work along with a fair bit of UCS information on top of that!

Im spending an average of 2.5 hours on weekdays for study and a bit more in the weekends when time permits.

I still have no firm commitment to the CCIE DC track, but at some point I need to commit to it and really get behind it. One of these days 😉

I mentioned it to the wife-to-be a couple of days ago and while she didn’t applaud the idea, at least she wasn’t firmly against it, which is always something I guess! Its very important for me to have my family behind me in these endeavours!

Im still a bit concerned about the lack of rack rentals for DCv2 from INE, which is something I need to have in place before I order a bootcamp or more training materials from them. As people know by now, I really do my best learning in front of the “system”, trying out what works and what doesn’t.

Now to spin up a few N9K’s in the lab and play around with NX-OS unicast and multicast routing!

Take care.

Progress report – Monday 23-08-2010.

I have started doing IPexpert Vol 1. technology labs. They are pretty challeging. They make you think out of the box. Almost none of it is vanilla configuration.
I dont know how closely these labs reflect the real one. Ofcourse these are Vol. 1 labs, but what i mean by it, is especially the wording. Maybe its just me.

If you get a task stating you have to do something, what i find hard, is to allow myself to implement any special solution that comes to mind, even though it seems radical. Like, how about breaking up your frame cloud in order to do something special?

To me, this seems like a big “step” to perform. However, if it is NOT stated that you cant do this, why not do it?

Read through the entire lab in order to avoid any pitfalls. Take the above. Will breaking up the frame cloud break other requirements down the line? or even stuff you have done previously?

One thing that really got me, was legacy bridging. I was tasked with getting some discontigous ethernet networks to communicate over a frame-cloud.

I think i understand everything about it now, however, i need to go through that specific lab on proctorlabs equipment to verify everything.

I have spent most of my time since the last post watching VoD material as well as doing these labs. As mentioned, when doing the VoD material i normally set everything up myself in order to check everything out myself.

One thing is to view a configuration on a video, where some steps might be performed already, another is getting your own lab to reflect this. Not always a 1-to-1 thing.

I havent received my Vol. 3 VoD walkthroughs on my DVD update. This means i have to ship my harddrive back to IPexpert, which is another $60. Even though it takes up some bandwidth, it should be doable to have these updates as downloads. Its 2010 after all.

Concerning the topics i still need to master as per the list below, im planning on tackling Embedded Even Manager this week. However, labs takes precedence.

I am able to spend more time as well as more focus on my labs now. I will need to keep this up for the foreseeable future.

Next week im going on vacation. This does not mean i wont do anything study related. As mentioned, i have made an agreement with my girlfriend, that i have to spend 3 hours a day studying, so we’ll see how that all works out 🙂

As for my schedule for today, im a bit behind. I planned to do an hour worth of studying this morning, but i was simply too tired.
This means no rest this afternoon. Some physical exercise, a shower and then onto the rest of lab 8.

Now, back to work! take care!

Progress report – Saturday 14-08-2010.

Woke up early this morning to get a head-start on the Video-on-Demand courses. I do it by looking at the PDF’s thats covered on each configuration section, and try and replicate the topology as well as solving all the tasks.

Afterwards i follow along the video and check out if my solution matches, and notes down if theres other ways to perform the same thing. Its very good training to do it that way i think.

Im trying to update my previous progress report, so i can take a stab at the technologies listed there. Still have quite a few, but i think ive done the previous ones in good time so far.

Im about to start the EIGRP configuration Video-on-Demand, which should be good, after that i think im going to hit some more volume 1 labs. I tend to get bored with the video’s sometimes as i need to get my hands dirty in the configuration myself 🙂

Hopefully a few more hours of study time before i have to leave for most of the afternoon.

Lastly, i need to figure out if im going to attend the Narbik bootcamp outside Washington next month. Not sure about this yet. Have to speak to my boss about it.

Anyways, im off to view some IPexpert Video-on-Demand. Take care!!

Progress report.

Update 11-08-2010: I can now create RMON alarms and events. It seems the command set for RMON is pretty limited. Not much around the net as to how deep to go into this. Hope its enough.

I just looked over the detailed blueprint which is authored by cisco. It had checkmarks, which i used to mark down things i knew i could configure, as well as things i really need more training in. These are the topics i have either forgotten about or just havent paid attention to. Anyways, these are the things i will need to study more in the comming month:

  • loopguard
  • Aggregate Policers
  • uplinkfast
  • backbonefast
  • etherchannel load-balancing
  • controlling inbound and outbound telnet on the switch
  • udld
  • ip phones to connect to the catalyst switch
  • dot1q tunneling
  • pppoe
  • as-path filters
  • no-advertise community attribute
  • OER
  • route propagation using the route target with import and export maps
  • vrf-lite
  • vrfs at the customer sites using vrf-lite
  • pim and bidirectional pim
  • multicast rate limiting
  • igmp filtering on the switch
  • use of the switch to block multicast traffic
  • ipv6 multicast
  • accounting to a aaa server using tacacs
  • accounting to a aaa srver using radius
  • dos protection on a cisco ios firewall
  • policy-based nat
  • blocking of fragment attacks
  • ciso ios ips
  • broadcast forwarding for protocols
  • rsvp
  • catalyst qos
  • srr on the catalyst switch
  • rmon
  • snmp traps using rmon
  • accounting
  • ip accounting
  • use of a router as an ftp server (Can apparently not be done anymore on newer IOS versions).
  • use of a router as a tftp server
  • embedded event manager
  • netflow

Especially the RMON and EEM needs attention. I have “pushed” these out into the future far enough. I need to deal with them.

The STP stuff, like uplinkfast and backbonefast are topics that i have done plenty of times before, but where my memory is lacking quite a bit. And again, my two arch enemies: Catalyst QoS and Multicast. In the multicast section, the big one is bidirectional PIM. Even though its quite “simple”, if there’s such a thing here, i need to wrap my head around it.

I dont think this list is that bad. Its doable at least. It just requires alot of research. This will be a good time to spend even more time looking for stuff on the DocCD.

I have started going to work an hour to an hour and a half before i have to. This gives me some quiet time in the morning where i can go through notes, write stuff down, do some Mnemosyne or redo some labs i have had trouble with. So far this is pretty good as it gives me some more time to tackle this beast.

I have booked my lab for November 2nd in Brussels. I will travel down there on November 1st. This gives me three months to get my act together. Everything is paid for and non-refundable, so i will do my best to give it a good shot.

The foreseeable future brings more lab time, this time doing IPexpert labs, as i have finished all the Narbik material. September 1st im flying to Gran Canaries on vacation. However, i made a deal with my girlfriend, that i need 2-3 hours a day doing labs (note to self: need internet connection).
Im not much of a beach person anyways, so it really doesnt bother me, but she’s very insisting on the whole “social” part of the vacation 🙂

Shameless plug: Redbull and Coffee should be defined as the 8th wonder of the world. (30 Redbulls stashed into the fridge).

A person in my bootcamp, who came in a few days to resit the bootcamp, passed his R&S yesterday. Good job Joe (#26612)!