Clinton supporter goes Obama

Yesterday I read about a Clinton supporter going Obama. However, it was the way in which she changed her support that was interesting.

She wrote a piece, a great piece to be exact, outlining the reasons why she believed that Clinton should step down, and offer her full support to Obama. Her point was spot on in my opinion.

Hillary Clinton simply doesnt have what it takes to run against Senator John McCain. If Hillary Clinton became the democratic party’s nominee, it would most certainly end up like it did last time. A mudfight with no real issues. If Clinton truly believed in changing America, she would step down, pass the torch to Obama and show support from now on and all the way to the end.

Chance of this happening? well… dont bet your life savings on it. Hillary Clinton simply doesnt strike me as a person fighting for anything except the same old, same old. A shame though, since the Democratic party really possess a great candidate, and an option for real change.

Read the great blog post here: Queen Of Spain – Dear Senator Hillary Clinton, Please step down.