Another notebook is about to bite the dust

It would seem that another HP NC8430 is about to bite the dust. It has been running its fan constantly for the last couple of months, and using coretemp.exe i can see that both cores are extremely hot all the time (75+ degrees Celcius).

Again, HP disappoints, I need to pay to have onsite service, and not just a small fee, but about 250 Euros. If they really wanted a true “Personal” appearance, they should either make better products, or charge a minimum fee to fix them. Anyways, this is a work laptop, but still, it sucks to have to send it in when its the only workstation you have.

Im certain that something like this would never have happened, if it was a Macbook /Pro 🙂

Im off to cool off my left hand, while making more angry calls to HP with my right hand.