Update on small things.

Been doing alot this week. Mainly been studying some more. Couple of important chapters, I need to get down really well.

How do you get hard information into your brain, and get it to stay there, and understand it for good? Im not sure, but Im starting to think that writing down things manually really helps me personally.

On another note, I am getting really screwed over by the IRS. They are really starting to piss me off. No matter what you do they will always own you somehow.

Also, been having a really hard time falling asleep lately, dont know why, and that kind of bothers me too.

I havent had much time to figure out what has been going on around me, so right now I have a backlog of things to know 🙂 So instead of writing a summary thats even lengthier than this, Im off to read up on things.