Hotel Rooms? What do you do?

I am sitting in a hotel room once again, and I am going to be sitting in one until thursday. How do you feel about hotel rooms, and what do you do in one of them?

I normally spend most of my awaken time by my laptop, which it is critical for me to have an internet connection. I am quite concerned that the hotel I will be staying at tomorrow, does not have an internet connection, in which case I will be spending the evening watching movies I suspect. I always bring a portable harddrive or two with me with interesting stuff loaded onto them.

Apart from that, I now spend my dinners with my iPhone, which has proven to be a really nice companion when you dine alone. I normally watch a series or part of a movie on it, just to pass time.

Reading and studying is part of the reason I am in a hotelroom this time, so ofcourse I spend some time doing that as well.

Apart from that, I really find spending time in a hotelroom is alot more fun when you travel with friends/family.