Creative's Crappy (C)oundcards and support

A fellow by the name of Daniel K has been supplying Windows Vista users with a usable Audio Driver on his own accord. He has been doing this work because Creative has been unable to support this platform which, apparently, quite alot of people are using. A company like Creative really should supply decent quality sound drivers from day one for their customers, especially since they figure their cards to be “professional” grade.

But, alas, Creative has now publicly stated on their forums, that if not Daniel K seize his work immediately, they will consider legal action. This is a baaaad move on their part, and anyone knowing just a little bit about how the net works, will tell you the same. It is not like he’s competing with them, or he’s promoting his work as originating from Creative. In fact, im quite sure that if Creative supplied decent drivers, he would not feel the need to undertake this job by himself.

So now, instead of supporting him, which would provide good will in the community, and probably more sales, they have practically told all their customers off. What are you thinking?