Aggrevated with myself when i dont comprende.

So Ive hit a snag in my learning process. There is a question on one of the chapter tests, that I simply cannot work out. I know the answer, but I simply cant figure out how to that answer. It is really pissing me off.

What I want to vent right now, is that its really detrimental to my overoal goal of passing this course, If i cant get past the mental block that “I dont understand something!!! *grrr*”, and keep on at it with the other chapters/material thats required in having even a shot at passing it. I guess it would be easier, if I actually knew that my teacher would help me the next time I see him, but as Ive explained in the previous post, I have my serious doubts he will give me a qualifying answer to it. I hope that he does, but im skeptical. There is also a timing issue in this. I wrote him an email (which Ive done before, without EVER getting a reply back), asking for help on the topic, so I could go forward with the other stuff during the week, and get prepared for the next time. But will you take the bet on whether he replies back this time or not?

Since I hold you in high regard, I would stand on a mountaintop and yell: “DONT TAKE THE BET!”.

Im pissed with myself. Im pissed with the lack of instructure (mail/forums) for help when hitting a bump in the road. Well I will try and go forward with other topics, in order to get as much down as I possibly can. If I still dont get help from my teacher, I have no choice than to take it over his head, and ask the other teacher teaching the CCNA course, and ask for her help.

Calm down Kim. You’ve done your best. read like crazy on this topic in 2 different books, the online course material, took quiz test both from the book, and from a third party exam engine. It doesnt look that bad. Get on with the other stuff, and return to this wrong question and get it explained SOMEHOW.