Wireless and onto labs.

So I am almost done with the wireless section, but alot of things still needs to click in, especially regarding the security aspect of it all. Some more reading on that is needed next. QoS in wireless is done by basically lowering the back-off time in CSMA/CA for higher priority traffic. The Wifi Alliance released an interim solution based on 4 categories. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Platinum is used for voice, Gold for video, Silver is best effort, and Bronze is “background” stuff, I guess thats your typical P2P applications along with random non-categorized stuff.

I am looking forward to doing alot of labs on all of the topics, cause it really seems alot of it has been theory so far. I havent made any full-scale labs yet, just minor command-like labs.

Anyways, ONTo the study! 🙂