Labs and review.

I am in the process of reviewing and labbing from the lab portfolio. I need to have the verification commands down, so I can troubleshoot different QoS scenarios. I find it very hard to do much configuration though.

Also, the wireless section is kind of hard to get good hands-on experience with since I dont have access to any WCS (Wireless Control System). At work, we only have WLC (Wireless Lan Controllers) that I can get some practical hands-on experience with. How does everyone else go about getting enough “dirt-under-the-nails” with these technologies? Buying them is obviously out of the question, since I dont have that kind of budget to do these things on. I have already used all of the strings I have to borrow equipment, so I doubt my hands-on experience will get much better than it is.

What I am still lacking in my arsenal is a good understanding of the security features surrounding wireless. The different EAP protocols still elude me.

Leap = Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol. Cisco proprietary.

EAP-FAST = EAP Flexible and Secure Tunnel. Creates a secure tunnel between supplicant and radius, so the authentication is encrypted.

EAP-TLS = Certificate based EAP. Both client and server is authenticated with the use of certificates.

PEAP = .

On a completely seperate note, Carl Buckland over at has successfully completed his CCIE lab, and is now CCIE #23394. Big congratulations to him!