Bootcamp ordered and random things.

I finally got around to ordering my bootcamp.

I have chosen Narbik Kocharians bootcamp over both IPexpert and Internetwork Expert. I have only heard great things about his classes, so it was a pretty obvious choice for me.

I will be going feb. 1st until feb. 5th.

I am really looking forward to it, but it also presents me with alot of work to accomplish in the mean time. I have two foundation workbooks to go through in a very short timeframe.

Yesterday i started on reconfiguring my rack equipment to support the workbooks from Narbik, hopefully i can finish it before tomorrow. Id like to get a head start on the whole thing starting the day after tomorrow. I know i wont be able to do much of anything tomorrow, since its christmas day. I will however be bringing my laptop to my dads house, so I can skim over my new best friend, The Workbooks ™.

I will also need to schedule some study time, ONLY to browse through the Doc CD and getting really aquainted to it. I will have to stop using google to get to the right documentation since i wont have that in the lab exam itself.

Even though im using google calendar, im thinking about creating a basic word document with dates in it, and what i need to accomplish on those dates. It just seems so redundant to have it in two places, but oh well.

In a few hours im off work, and i really need to start getting the motivation for doing this thing back somehow.

Oh, and I will get my new laptop back for xmas 🙂

Have a really nice christmas everyone!