Warning: Real life post

It has been an insane extended weekend.

We have been doing 90% physical  stuff all weekend long. Most of Friday and Saturday passed, with us painting the living room ceiling. We wanted to freshen it up as we are working on creating a whole new living room. It will be an expensive  journey for sure. Sunday we started picking up the new furniture.

This also means that I haven’t had much time to study. All in all I got about 2 hours worth of study done. I was learning about OER/PfR. Whatever Cisco wants to call it, its about optimizing your network performance beyond what a traditional routing protocol can do.

To me, it seems like its a technology that’s still evolving.

Also, its been nice that my coworkers has started asking me about different stuff relating to R&S. They are all very knowledgeable and im learning a lot (even in non-Cisco areas J).

I promised that I would release some Mnemosyne questions, and I will. I have more than 200 questions by now, but I want to polish them up before I pack them down and upload them to the net.

I have put together a battle plan for the rest of my journey, which I want to stick to, simply because it’s the best I can come up with, here it is:

Most days:

1)      Listen to Audio in the morning.

2)      Go through labs.

3)      Write down what I’m learning and doing.

4)      Summarize it.

5)      Create questions.

Other days:

1)      Listen to Audio in the morning.

2)      Read about a technology.

3)      Write down key points and what ive learned.

4)      Summarize it.

5)      Create questions.

6 days a week. 1 day of total rest.

–          4 days of lab.

–          2 days of technology reading.

–          1 day totally off.

So that’s the latest. Sorry its not been very technical, but real life sometimes takes precedence (or so my girlfriend says :)).

Take care!