Migrating notes – my documents, not the program.

I have finally decided to clean up my Routing & Switching notes and more importantly moving them from Microsoft OneNote to Microsoft Word.

I know, I know, its still Microsoft, but even though OneNote has been okay for my needs, the lack of the program for Mac OS is annoying the crap out of me.

Going through this process is going to be interesting, as i have found myself verifying things and trying out the technologies again. In my day to day life, i dont get to play around with much more than a fraction of the things i have learned going for my CCIE number. So any refresh of the material is most welcome.

Refreshing my notes will also come in handy when i need to recertify, even though i havent decided if i want to go for another track yet. Im still debating this (with myself, not the girlfriend).

Also, i cant wait for the winter season to be over, this cloudy grey and cold weather doesnt suit me. Take a look and judge for yourself.