1st Batch of books.

I have ordered the first batch of books for the CCIE SP track.

They are:

I was hoping that you could get them all as eBooks, but as it turns out, i can get some of them as eBooks through Kindle and some through Cisco Press PDF’s and others i could only get as hard copies. This is not the ideal solution.

In the end i just decided to go for the tree-killing version.

The next batch of books include:

Unfortunally the ATM book can only be purchased used and the Metro one will not be back in stock for another 1-3 weeks. So i might end up having to purchase the Metro one through Cisco Press.

There are some other books on my “_might-get_” list such as the Interdomain Multicast Routing book.

First off though, i will be going through all of INE’s SPv3 videos.