Looking forward

“All that matters, is where you are going” is a favorite quote of mine.

With that an update as well as a plan to move forward.

I have now finished Narbik’s Volume 2 Service Provider workbook. It took a little while longer than I had planned. This is mainly because i took some time off during the holidays (well, studied less at least 🙂 ).

Just today, I finished working on a plan of attack for the next phase of my studies. My goal is to take 3 days at a time, planning 3 days ahead and then plan again. Hopefully this will prevent me from being overwhelmed with tasks and ending up doing none of them.

There are basically 3 areas to my study, 1) Reading, 2) Labs, 3) Videos. With my “3 day”‘s approach, i try to mix things up, so i don’t get into a rut with any one thing.

Currently im reading Deploying IPv6 Networks as well as going through INE videos on Inter-AS MPLS and Carrier-Supporting-Carrier (CsC). All interesting stuff.

Lab wise, next up is Narbik’s Volume 3 labs. I figure somewhere around 4-6 weeks to go through them. The labs contain complex scenarios such as CsC, so each one will take alot longer than Vol 1 and 2 labs.

Thats all for now folks!

I wish everyone a happy new year!