Happy New Year

Hi Everyone,

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Currently im very busy studying for my 2nd attempt at the CCDE Practical exam.
I have it booked for the next slot, which is February 22nd in London.

Thankfully there are more and more material available for the CCDE than just a year ago. One of my primary sources are the study group which I have mentioned before, which Daniel (lostintransit.se) and I started way back.

Im also going through the INE scenarios as well as LiveLessons available through a Safari subscription. Those are really good and I highly recommend them.

One of the primary things im practicing at the moment is picking up business requirements from a given scenario. This is quite hard as im at heart an implementation-focused guy. But its good to learn something new and very useful.

If you are not following it just yet, I can highly recommend the “Unleashing CCDE” site on Cisco Learning Network (https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/blogs/unleashing-ccde). There are alot of good posts there on how to pick up these “soft” skills.

I will keep the blog updated with my study progress through February and we’ll see what happens February 22nd 🙂

Take Care.


  1. What is the link to the CCDE Study group. I am aiming for CCDE LAB in May so would like to join it.

  2. Hi Kim
    Could you let me know what is the link for study group you mentioned above.

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