So whats next?

I’ve had a little time readjusting after my exam and I’ve given some thought on what to keep me busy next.
Basically I have 3 projects to keep me busy for the next foreseeable future.
1) CCNA-Wireless
My boss came to me a week ago and tasked me with this. He was very humble about it, which was amusing. I will be allocated some time from my normal work projects to study for the exam, which is really helpful. Fortunally some of my CCDE study friends are also going for this exam, so I wont be going down the road alone on this one either.
Im actually quite positive about this as its a technology area I have not really paid much attention to and its very different in what im used to. A shakeup is good every now and then 🙂
2) The IOS-XR Specialist exam
This is one I have been looking quite forward to for some time. Its basically an exam about all things IOS-XR and the platforms that supports it. I tried studying for this before I decided to go down the CCDE path, so it will be nice to pick back up.
3) Work on improving my health.
This is by far the most important one. I have been neglecting my health for far too long now and this needs to change. Im thinking about a different blog site where ill provide updates on what my current health situation is, along with how I aim to improve it. More on this to come when ive gathered my thoughts on this bullet-point.
So it didnt take me long to come up with something to keep me busy 🙂