Macbook Air is really really thin.. And summary of my weekend.

Yesterday I went into a Humac apple store in Aalborg (Denmark… Its in Europe… Across the water.. anyways), to see the new Apple Macbook Air.  Oh dear, thats a sweet little laptop. It really is as thin as you hoped it would be. You really really want one when you are holding it 🙂

Anyways, I think it might be a little too skimpy for my needs. If I was to have another Apple laptop any time soon, it would most likely be a Macbook Pro (15″). Ive got a Powerbook G4, and its the longest lasting laptop ive had. Its really something special.

Just got another iPhone as well, the new 16gb. Ordered it from a Danish guy in the US. It was in the mail when I got back home.  I noticed that at the top of the screen, its a bit brighter. Seems like I can pick out something, in every single one of them.

Running tonight was pretty hard and cold, we’ve had quite a few storm hitting us lately, and today was no exception, even though it was not as bad as it was yesterday. I was really concerned with the crappy house my girlfriend lives in, its in pretty poor shape because of the owner being a jerk. Noticed some roof tiles being loose a while back, and I was worried that they would come off and hit the car, but everything seems to be in order.

Finally got the CCNA2 Packet tracer HandsOnFinal thing worked out, subnet wise. It seems that the “check progress” function it has, is pretty bugged. It wont actually give you a fair result unless you really force it to. Ive got it to accept my correct answer, by entering in the “display name” of the device I was working with, not that it should really matter, but alas, it does. This bug has been on my mind for two days/nights now, and its really nice that it wasnt my logic that was at fault.  In the same line, I also discovered a bug in Cisco’s CCNA prep site questioning. More about this later.