(3) EIGRP – Labs

So yesterday, I started with all the lab exercises that has to do with EIGRP. I did the one in the self-study guide, and one (2.7.1) in the lab portfolio. I also started on 2.7.2.

So far, the labs in the labportfolio are far better written than the ones in the self-study guide. Today, I have snuck in a few practice scenarios regarding default route propagation.

3 ways to do it:

Number 1:

“ip route ” on advertising router.

“ip default-network ” on advertising router.

Number 2:

“ip  route ” on advertising router.

“redistribute static” on advertising router.

Number 3:

“ip route ” on advertising router.

“ip summary-address eigrp” on advertising router.

This is just plain stupid in my opinion.

On another note, yesterday Ciscokits confirmed my order. I will be receiving:

1x 2611XM (100mbps router)

1x 2509 Access server

4x Back to Back cables (DB60)

2x Wic-1T cards

1x nm 4A/S card (Used for Frame Relay switch).

Memory upgrade for my current 3640 and 2611 (for 3640 to run 12.4).

Octal cable (to connect to all the equipment.

That means I will have:

1x 3640 with nm 4A/S

1x 2611 with 1 WIC-1T

1x 2611XM with 1 WIC-1T

1x 2509 Access server

2x 2950 switches

1x 2924 switch

Anyways, back to see if I can get some work done.