Inter-Vlan connectivity and enhancing switch features.

Today I have spent about 2,5 hours studying different features that enhances the switched network. This includes labbing up BPDU guard, Loop guard, UDLD Aggressive mode, BPDU filtering. Also I find the automatic error recovery feature very interesting.

You can set certain causes to put an interface into the errdisabled state. For example if you enable BPDU guard, and a BPDU is “heard” on the interface, it puts the interface into errdisabled. But you can set a timer to “wake” the interface back up again, so its not a permanently state that an administrator must take action to remedy, namely sh/no sh the interface.

Also, it would seem there is alot of different functionality in different switches, not only between CatOS and IOS switches, but also very much between different series (2950/3550/4500/6500).

And for some reason, since I cant test out the private-vlan feature on my lab (this is a 4500/6500 feature), it wont really stick in memory.

Inter-Vlan seems very cool, but a lack of a 3550 is really starting to show now. I am using a Dynamips box with the NM-16sw module for L3 switching, but the commands are different. So far I have done a few labs using SVI (Switch Virtual Interface) routing.

I am going to look around on the net for some memory enhancing techniques, as I seem to be forgetting stuff I have read and/or done in a lab.

On another note, I really need a consistent storage solution, but im a bit vary of shelling out the $1000 on a NAS with 3 TB (4, but in raid). Note to self, learn to make these decisions.

Now I am going to skim through some CBT, and then watch an episode of X-files to calm down 🙂