Lack of the right equipment.

Lately I have been in the need of the right equipment for quite a few labs.

What I really need is some equipment that is able to do both Dynamic Arp Inspection (DAI) and IP Source Guard (IPSG). The dynamic arp part is supported on 3550’s as far as I can see, but IPSG is not. It is only available on 4500’s and 6500’s, and I dont think playing on the core 4507R’s at work would be a wise choice 🙂

I think I will look into different solutions for rack rental. I saw somewhere that its about $15 for 5 hours lab time. Thats not bad at all. In fact its alot cheaper than I thought it would be.

I need to practice alot of commands for alot of topics, which is what im spending my time doing right now. When I come home I will hit the 2nd last chapter in the study guide. The last two chapters has been pretty useless for the BCMSN exam at least.

A seemingly large topic I need to study is the wireless section. I do have access to some controllers, but I cant really play around with them since they are in a working environment as well. At some point during this week, I will need to schedule the exam, so I have a goal to work towards.