Wireless – A forgotten topic on BCMSN.

I have a sneaking suspecion that I better pay alot of attention towards the wireless section of the BCMSN. It seems like its “out-of-scope” of the BCMSN, but Im quite confident that Cisco will really smack me on it for some reason. The whole gain/loss/radio frequency stuff is not a topic I have paid much attention to in the past, so its quite new for me.

I am convinced though, that studying it, will come in handy in real life. For example, at my current work, we have the Cisco wireless controllers along with some LWAP (Light Weight Access Points), and also some autonomous accesspoints (1242’s). All of it working like a charm. The controllers can actually take over from each other in case of failure. Also, on a side note, I saw some slide’s from the WCS module that can do real time tracking of wireless clients, quite cool 🙂

Again though, the lack of equipment is getting to me. I would really like to have some equipment to try everything out on. I have to live in the real world though, and that includes not being able to spend $5k on Cisco gear right now.

Right now im off to relax a bit before reading the last 40ish pages of the study guide tomorrow. I plan to have the study guide finished tomorrow along with the last CBT nuggets on wireless. I will also start on the wireless labs tomorrow. I hope to have the wireless topic nailed down on friday. At least thats my goal for the week.

Must schedule exam next!