Xmas is over, and so is ipsec.

Okay, Xmas is over and so is new years as Im writing this.

Im behind regular postings, I know, which is frustrating.

I am done with the preliminary reading and lab work for ISCW, but I dont feel prepared for it at all. Its even worse than it was for BCMSN. I think the lack of an official study guide really got me off track. I will have to investigate further how to create a study plan on the topics on the blueprint and then come to a full understanding and assurance I got the topics down. The way im doing it now is spreading it too thin, thats my feeling at least. Also, motivation has become a factor at the moment. Maybe its because its the holidays, and you are “supposed” to relax, chill out, I dont know, but I need to get it sorted. Its cutting into my focus.

SDM work is also really hard when access to routers with a full image (FW + IPS) is not possible. This involves watching very closely at the material I have at hand, especially the certification guide and know what pages/tabs and what not does what in different wizards.

I have thought out some labs to do in the comming few days, but first I need to do a complete review of IPS. As mentioned, its one of those things I dont have access to, which makes it hard to get a grip on, especially for me, since I tend to pick it up better when I get to play with the command line, and see whats happening first hand.

I have  been reading some CCIE journeys to pick up some tricks on how they are preparing for the non-technical side of the journey to use in my CCNP studies. There are several gold nuggets to pick out and put on e-paper and figure out how my mind relates to them, and get a better understanding of my own mind and how it works in context with learning.

On a lighter note, I finally got a new office chair, so I dont have any excuse why I physically shouldnt be able to sit down studying for longer periods of time 🙂

Okay, its 34 minutes into the new year, and I spend the last day of the old year reading and making notes. Now its time to get some sleep and start the new year with something worthwhile doing: Learning!

Goodnight 2008, Thanks for all the fish, and goodmorning 2009!