ONT = QoS? – I think so

So, so far ONT seems alot like its brother-acronym QoS. Watched a few videos today, solidifying knowledge from BCMSN about CoS only being for L2 trunk links and ToS/DSCP being for Layer 3. Figured out the DE bit provides a somewhat rudimentary QoS for frame-relay. Throw away, or dont :). It is used when CIR (Commited Information Rate) is in effect. You can basically use it to determine on your own which packets to be Discard Eligible or not. This is better than just leaving the decision to your service provider.

I am looking forward to seeing how to test this out in labs, if its actually possible to see a difference. This will come up in the lab portfolio im sure.

Now I have done enough studying for today according to what time ive put into exercising, now to watch a movie and get some sleep. Goodnight Internet.