General state of things – and books.

I just emptied my shopping basket on amazon again. This means I ordered what was in it 🙂

I got some CCIE books, but this doesnt mean anything except I am interested in whats in them. Also got a few other non-technical books. Among other things I ordered Brian Tracy’s book: Goals! which I saw mentioned on Chris Bryants site. Maybe I can pick up a few tips and tricks. Also got a book on anxiety and how to combat it without the use of drugs. I am interested in learning how other people cope with this, and for me, that means reading about it.

Exercising, hmm. I think it is very hard to find the motivation for getting really down and dirty with this goal. I find that I have to force myself to get out and run, not because I want to, but because I know I have to. I really wish this was as easy as sitting down in front of my laptop, but unfortunally this isnt so, at least not yet.

Girlfriend is still sick, so I have to pick up the daily tasks of getting everything ready, cleaning the house, walk the dog and so on and so forth. It has at least kept my mind pretty focused on something else than my disease, which is good.

I just installed Gnu/Linux (Ubuntu) on my laptop on a different harddrive, and so far I really like it. I used to run Slackware and then Debian on all of my systems, but work required the use of the evil Windows. Now I can just RDP into whatever server I need to. I have used it for two days at work, and so far not any big issues. On monday I will receive a faster harddrive for my laptop (320Gb, 7200 rpm drive). I plan on dual booting on this disk if its possible, as well as trying out the 64bit version of Ubuntu on my laptop instead of the 32bit.

This weekend, I will be going to my dads house to have my car checked out, but I have some evil plans on buying some hardware to build out my home lab. I really want a server able to handle quite a load. Im looking at a 2,5 Ghz Quadcore processor from Intel as well as 4Gb ram. Not sure about this yet, since I have quite alot to spend my money on at the moment.

Im off playing some more with the wonderful world of Free Software 🙂