Study and flashcards.

I have mentioned it before, and i’ll do it again. Flash cards are great for remembering those pesky little details.

I wanted to share the flashcards I have created so far:

Hopefully you can get some use out of them. Ofcourse they are some of the details I have a hard time remembering, but maybe you’ll have some use for them as well.


On another note, I got access to another 3550 switch which should arrive sometime next week. That brings it to a total of 2x 3560’s and 2x 3550’s on the switch side. This should be able to cover the IPexpert R&S topology. Now I just need the remaining routers.

I also got access to a place where I can setup the lab when I relocate. This will put it on a permanent internet connection, so I can access it from everywhere. I have put down some  money to cover the costs of electricity for having it running 24×7 for the next 6 months at least.

All thats left is to get the rest of those USB NIC’s. I figure i need 12 more to make it complete. I have a guy who will check out if i can get a good discount on them when im buying that many. Hopefully i’ll get an answer to that sometime this week as well.

I am beginning to brainstorm some ideas regarding the study plan. I have also put away a decent amount of cash to pay for the bootcamp, which i hope i will be able to do in either december or january. This all depends on the material comming out from IPexpert on the new V4 blueprint.

Tomorrow is moving day, so no posts there, but hopefully ill get my USB 3G adapter sometime during the week, so I can access the wonderful lab from anywhere 🙂 Its got a 5Gb cap on it, but just by ssh/telnet, i should come nowhere near that!

Now off to gather some more thoughts on the study plan!