Exercising with some work switches.

One of my last tasks at work before I stop, is to create a new switched network for a location in Estonia. It will be a 10 switch network. The company is reusing two 3560 switches which I still need to receive.

However, I got 8 new switches today, all 2960 switches, one of them being a 2960G switch, which is a very nice L2 switch. I just finished setting them up on my desk so I can start configuring them. It will be good practice with some switch commands. I need to know from the project manager what features he wants to use on them considering the requirements of the topology.

Among these are:

Heres a picture I took for the fun of it. (Sorry about the quality (iPhone camera really sucks)).

I hope I can get some of the questions answered shortly (At all). The company is not very specific when it comes to implementation details.

I am still jotting down ideas on what to include in my study plan for the lab exam. I got tons of ideas, but they need to come down into a condensed form. I will ofcourse post both the ideas, and its final form.

Have a great day!


Heres a picture of the home-made patch panel I made to convert from LC to SC – SC to LC, so I could test out the fiber connection since the real patch panels are already mounted in Estonia.