Basecamp reached.

Lately I havent been keeping up my chores on the blog. Theres a good reason for this.

I have really been studying hard to do the written exam again. Done lots of practice tests, a lot of technology focused labs on especially some edge areas where I wasnt 100% sure of things. And especially a lot of Cisco documentation. Every time I reached a snag I looked up the documentation from Cisco and read through what it was supposed to do and how.

All this results in having passed the CCIE (R&S) written exam (version 3 blueprint), which is what I wanted to do before the switchover to the new version 4 blueprint in october. Now ofcourse I cant do the version 3 lab exam, simply not enough time to prep and I doubt there are any seats left.

Now the new goal, is to have a lab shot sometime next year, probably around summertime on the new version 4 lab exams.

To that extent I need a few new items:

I know that the new blueprint uses only 3560 switches, but I simply cant afford any more of these. They are way overpriced as they are still used and sold. They are more than $1000 as far as I can see. Money i would rather spend on other equipment (like a new laptop). So i am aiming for another 3550 switch which will do 98% of the stuff required anyways. There are a few settings on the 3560 that’s different than the 3550, such as the setting on trunks (auto compared to desirable on the 3550).

As everyone thats going down this rabbit-hole knows, its very costly financially (and mentally + social wise). I need to start saving up for the items i need, as well as travel expenses and bootcamp costs. I also need to strike a balance between personal life and study time. I need more discipline in this area. I know from experience, that once i set my mind to learn a topic, and if i dont quite get it, i will spend all my awaken time figuring it out, no matter what social arrangements i have going on. This needs to be rectified somehow.

I am still physically exercising by playing basketball and taking long walks. I will need to turn up the knob on this and start running again. It simply gives you the edge you need for this sort of journey and will hopefully keep my illness from reappearing in full scale.

I will post something about my gameplan for prepping to the lab…