More VOD – Scott Morris's voice is soothing :)

I am getting used to hearing Scott Morris’s voice by now 🙂

I am doing Video On Demand classes at the moment. Im starting from the beginning and going through them one by one. Lots of new things to learn and study. Today for example i learned about “real” bridging. Since its not on any blueprint for CCNA, CCNP or even CCIE R&S, its not something ive come across before. It is a pretty cool feature. In the VOD, it was configured over frame-relay over a certain DLCI. You could then have the same subnet on both sides and do ARP request (Well, any ethernet (ieee) stuff) and get a response, and then transfer data.

I set up the same scenario between two routers just running plain old HDLC (Cisco’s version 🙂 ). It worked like a charm. Its good to have those commands under my belt, just in case.

Next up is switching, which im really looking forward to, but before i hit those, im going to do a few more practice labs on CHAP and PAP authentication, as well as EAP. It was an eye-opener about one-way authentication and how a basically non-configured router would still respond to auth requests, so i better explore this some more.

Most of today was spent setting up cable trays at appartment 2 as its affectionally called. This is a real hazzle, and one im not too keen on as we are only having this appartment until january which makes it seem like such a waste. Anyways, it looks awesome, and the job is well finished, which i really like. Nothing sucks like having cables floating around.

Will be back shortly, now for the last night with girlfriend before heading back tomorrow…