Landed a new job.

I have just landed a new job. It is a networking company, doing alot of security, ip telephony and general network consulting. The company can be found here. It is called NetIP. The company is located about 30km from where I live, so a little drive in each direction is nessecary. I will start Thursday the 1st of October. I am looking forward to it. My last day at the previous job was yesterday, and it went by okay. Ofcourse its sad to loose some coworkers, some of which i have been working with for close to 9 years. But life goes on.

The job thing has taken up quite alot of time from my studying routine. I will need to get back on track again as soon as possible. Hopefully Narbik Kocharian will announce a date for the next bootcamp in the UK within the next couple of weeks. The new work is very supportive of my effort to attain the CCIE, which im very pleased with, so when the bootcamp opens up for registration, i will take a week off (on my own dime though) and fly out to the UK to attend the bootcamp. Right now though, its all VOD from IPexpert. Its been really good so far.

I have managed to get a full replication of the IPexpert workbook lab going. Unfortunally im waiting for a new internet connection to be installed. Until then I cant access it from the global internet.

I will try and make a post about BGP regular expressions. They are very interesting, but also very confusing at the same time, so when i have un-confused them myself, i will try and explain it to others 🙂

Until then, take care!!