Lab V4 at first glance.

The new CCIE lab version is in effect. Called version 4.

The first guy on OSL (Online Study List) has been through it, and there’s certainly some changes.

First up, is the annoying OEQ (Open Ended Questions), these were on the retired version 3 as well. Lots of people have issues with them, so I wont bother commenting on them other than saying they scare me too 🙂

Second is the trouble-shooting section. According to feedback, this is a doable task, but not easy by any means. You are assigned trouble-shooting tickets which you have to resolve. Apparently its some kind of new user-interface which will be interesting to hear more about. Apparently between 6-12 tickets will be assigned to you.

Third is the lab section. This is as we know it, but scaled to be only 5,5 hours in length to give time for trouble-shooting section. Apparently the passing mark is now 80 instead of 70 which is of some concern. This is the 2nd most interesting thing for me to hear more about… The number one being:

You dont have lab workbooks in physical format 🙁

This is really bad if you ask me. To switch back and forth on the screen between your topology diagrams is a nightmare. It will certainly take out a good portion of your time, to recreate stuff on paper. I know that apparently the labs have large monitors, but still, a hassle none the less.

Another member of OSL is up for tomorrow. I really hope he pass it. I also hope he will provide some more insight into the new version of the CCIE lab.