Some OSPF and some more motivational issues.

I have been working on some OSPF scenarios lately. These was sparked by a post by Joe Astorino @ IPexpert. They are about the use of the forwarding address in Type 5 LSA’s generated by an ABR because of a Type 7 LSA in an NSSA area.

Alot of the questions i had in regard to the blog post, was that I couldnt recreate the scenarios at all. Turns out the whole thing was a bit tilted in how an ABR elected which ASBR to pick for the forwarding address. I am still trying to create a sort of matrix on what happens when. When I have this completed i will ofcourse post it here. But in the meantime, “Lab It Up Yourself ™” is the message of the day.

A note to authors of technical articles. Please admit when something is wrong and fix it. Joe did figure it out and fixed it (at least some of it), so its all good.

On another note. I have been having some pretty big motivational issues. I simply dont seem to be able to get into the material at all. I am not sure how I will overcome this obstacle, even though im sure I will. Maybe if you have some ideas on how to motivate yourself? Reading in the “Goals!” book gives some ideas, put putting them into action is the breaking point for me. The quote: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” really makes me feel bad each day.

Next week, my boss will book the bootcamp with Narbik in london (just outside), which is GREAT. Im really looking forward to it. Its february 1st to the 6th. Will most likely travel over there on January 31st and stay until the 7th. Reading other blog posts about his prior students really increases my expectations of the entire thing. I just hope im up to it by then! health-wise and motivational wise.

Anyways, im back to figuring out how to get back into the game… /me putting on my helmet.