Packing my gear – Taking some punches lab wise.

Making up a list of things i need to bring for the bootcamp. I finally want to try and be a bit more organized regarding this

on this trip. I thought id do that best by starting writing all the things i think i will need straight away, and then go back and forth on the list

and add things as i saw fit. Turns out that just doing this today, turned up 35 things already 🙂

I saw that there was a gym at the hotel. I hope i will get a little excersice done the day i arrive and on friday after its all done.

An update on Red Bull. This stuff still works on me 🙂 + you can get it in stores here now as well, but at a crazy price of $3 each.

Thats just a bit over the top. I dont know why they are even able to sell them here, since last i checked Taurin was illegal in beverages in Denmark.

Anyways, i bougt 2 to begin with, and when i figured out that they worked, i now got an additional 10 for the remainder of Vol.2 labs 🙂

Hopefully i will also be able to find a place in Milton Keynes that sells them as well.

All i need now, is to pay the taxi company + print out my boarding passes (Ryanair stuff).

On the lab side, today really sucked. I didnt focus correctly and made some stupid mistakes regarding OSPF network types. More specifically

when they are not the same. Also learned a thing though. Namely that non_broadcast and point-to-multipoint will “peer”, but they wont transfer routes!

My knowledges was limited to the fact that they should perform an adjacency because the timers would be correct. But a good thing to keep in mind!

All in all, some punches tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Goodnight World!