Done packing.

Im done packing for Narbiks bootcamp next week. I will be flying out tomorrow morning and probably be at the hotel at around 1ish in the afternoon.

I have brought my training clothes, and hopefully ill get to utilize the hotel gym facilities during the day.

I also have about 20 pages left of the volume II workbook, which ill do remote on my home lab. These are actually the hardest labs so far. They are about mutation maps on switches, using the layer 3 functionality to mark/remark frames and/or packets.

Switch QoS is certainly one of my weakest areas, and one I need to work on quite a bit.

I have decided to bring 2 laptops, just in case 🙂 and my new bag is really handy with lots of space.

I will try and write a blog commentary on how the bootcamp is carried out by Narbik, how well i grasp the material and generally the whole experience. I will be back saturday the 6th in the evening but i expect i will be too mentally tired to do much else than just rest 🙂

Anyways. Im off to get some sleep. Have to get up very early tomorrow!