Lan QoS – going insane

I was doing some lan QoS yesterday evening. Specifically i wanted to mark some packets.

As usual, i wanted to create a policy-map, referencing some class-map, and then set the IP precedence value.

I tried to get this working for like 3 hours. I was verifying the behavior using the “sh policy-map interface ” command,

but it kept showing that there was no packets being matched.

As said, after 3 hours of searching the net for information, Doc CD and reading QoS exam guide, i was still nowhere. Finally

I went to #cisco on A clever guy pointed out that with some switch platforms, QoS is done purely in hardware, and it will

NOT set the counters. So, for me, this meant that my solution had worked all along, but my way of verification was wrong. A very valuable lesson

to learn!