Labs again and again and again.

I havent been very good at updating my blog lately. The reason for this is that i have been really focused on doing labs. Im still doing Narbik’s labs. They are great! They really make you think about what you are doing and contains the nasty 007 tricks 🙂

There’s also been some work pressure going on. Especially one client needed a pretty big network change this week, so we had to pull an all nighter.

Wednesday and Thursday i managed to do 4-5 hours of lab each night. Did one or two yesterday afternoon and so far today ive done 3-4 hours. Its going in the right direction.

Right now im aiming for a lab date somewhere around august. Personal stuff going on in that month which makes it kinda tricky to get the right one. Also, im still at a toss up on whether to go take the exam in the US or in Brussels. If anyone has any comments on this, id appreciate it.

I would love to goto Narbiks 12 day bootcamp, but i dont think thats very likely. Worst case scenario ill goto the one in the UK again, beginning of June. I need to finish the last two days to get through MPLS, BGP and multicast. Those are all very big topics in and by themselves.

My better half and I was invited to go abroad (Canarian Islands) in September, so that eliminates any dates around this time as well.

All the while this is going on, im going to buy a new car as well, ill post some more info on this when everything works out 🙂

I dont have much in the way of tips and tricks right now, as everything im doing right now is hitting the technologies, solidifying some knowledge. If i find anything special, ill post it asap!

Now, back to Advanced OSPF Filtering 🙂