Learning new things.

Im learning something new at work almost every day.

We do alot of voice installations, some directly for the customer, others we host.

Voice has always been a strange world to me, and it still is. Basically it boils down to the fact that it doesnt interest me what so ever.

As said, I am learning though. I need to know my way around the voice world to some extent to be better at my job, and to be a better all-round engineer.

Now a days, its very hard, especially here in Denmark, which is a small country, to be a specialist in a certain area (like R&S) and ONLY in that area. There are only a small amount of CCIE’s here (74), so you need to have a broader knowledge-base in order to be a attractive to potential employers and to actually do your daily job.

I am not taking an active approach, like reading books on voice, or anything of that sort. I am however paying attention when the voice guys explain stuff to me. I can also help them out with generic R&S stuff, so it all works out.

My point is that you cannot completely lock yourself into a certain set of technologies and expect to last long. However, i also think its important that you have people on staff thats very knowledgeable in certain areas. I have come to understand that alot of the issues you deal with as a network consultant lies in the details of the technologies.

So as of today, my view of a really good engineer, is a person who is specialized in a certain area, but has knowledge of the things surrounding this area and at least know how they interact.

I hope i will get to that point within a year or two. At least im absorbing as much information as I possibly can 🙂

Right now, lots of crappy tasks awaits, as the rest of my team are on Iceland, while I have to stay back and keep things running.