Motivation has been gone.

Lately I have been having a motivational down-period.

I was doing alot of labs all evening/night and I was burned out. So I have been enjoying easter with family and girlfriend. It has been very nice. However, im starting to feel the urge of going back to the labs again which is good. Hopefully i will start tonight or tomorrow again. I have a post regarding BGP in my draft section which I hope to share with you guys tomorrow as well.

Other things on the Cisco front I want to pay attention to is the now famous Open Ended Question waiver for 360 students. All I want to say about it is: crap.

I dont want to waste any more energy into it. I expect to have the OEQ on my lab day.

A second point is that Cisco has now announced a more detailed blueprint, which you can find here:

Even though it lists alot of items, everything still seems fair game, so stay prepared for it.

I want to spend some time the comming week organizing my notes. They are getting pretty extensive, and I want to sync them with my “real-life” paper notes which i take from time to time. So a bit of spring cleaning will help tremendously. As I think i have mentioned before, i use Microsoft OneNote for all of my notes. This has been good so far, but im experiencing alot of overlap. For example i might have some Frame-Relay QoS under my frame-relay section, but also have the same under my QoS section. Needs to be fixed.

I have also signed up for Narbiks bootcamp in the UK from June 1st until the 7th. I need to get the last two days of the bootcamp in place as they are pretty important. For example im missing BGP, MPLS and some QoS. Pretty big items on my checklist. Im hoping to see some of the guys from january again and hear of their progress.

Anyways, thats it for me today. Take care!