Trying to get to another bootcamp

I am in the process of figuring out how to get to another bootcamp (Narbik). Unfortunally alot of classes in Europe have been cancelled due to lack of students. This pretty much leaves me with going to the US at some point.

I want the date/bootcamp confirmed before i order plane tickets/hotel and whatnot. Hopefully this can be worked out soon.

I have finished all of the labs in both volume 1 and volume 2. I wanted to start the troubleshooting section today, but for some reason my license didnt work 🙁 so now im waiting for Narbik to get back to me with a valid license.

Even though i can configure alot of stuff now, i still need to be more familiar with the commands. I could definitely feel this when doing the last MPLS VPN labs. I knew how to configure it, it just took me too long to do it because i couldnt remember the exact commands.

I did about 2 hours lab time today and its about the only study ive done during the weekend. Friday was a company party night, which left me brain-dead all day yesterday (saturday).

After figuring out that i couldnt actually access the troubleshooting labs, i decided to go for a run instead. Got 4,1 Km down, which im pretty pleased with. Its improving at least.

I will try and get up early tomorrow, doing some reading before work. Im reading about MPLS in my new books, and so far they are pretty good. Its been criticized for being too technical from the beginning, which is probably true. I find it interesting so far at least. Final review of the book AFTER ive actually read it through 🙂

So, in summary, I need practice on commands, i need a license file, i need to get up earlier and read, i need practice on troubleshooting and i need a confirmed bootcamp date/place. After that its all logistics….

Lets get to it!