Volume 2 and getting ready for UK bootcamp part 2.

As you may have noticed from my inexcusable lack of posts, ive been very busy.

I have been finishing up IPexperts volume 1 workbooks and now going through volume 2. Still lots of interesting details to learn about. I have also managed to get most of my video-on-demand material onto my iPad so i have easier access to it.

Next week (tuesday until saturday) ill be in the UK for Narbik’s bootcamp. As you may remember, i didnt get the last two days back in january since Narbik got sick. So this will be a refresh as well as digesting the remaining two days worth of material.

Everything should be booked and ready for me to go. I really hope i have enough energy to do alot of labs, including volume 2 ones from IPexpert in the evenings. I have the opportunity to spend all day doing nothing but training, so i should really try to take advantage of this.

I have been getting up pretty early in the mornings (5am) and going to work early so i get some study time there as well. Its very quiet in the morning before people get into the office, so thats very nice. Unfortunally this has the side effect of making me very tired in the evening = less study, so i guess it comes down to at what point during the day you are most effective.

Right now im just in the process of copying some files over to my external harddrive to get ready for next week, then im off to work (been working from home this morning).

Take care!!