Latency Madness.

At the bootcamp last week, i was almost out of reach from my lab.

Even though i just got the remote power controller, the network at both the conference place as well as the hotel (especially the hotel!) was pretty bad.

Attached is a screenshot of what sort of latency i was dealing with at the hotel:

Latency Madness


This means im trying to catch up on Volume 2 labs i was planning to do while there.

At the same time, im also going through the Video on demand stuff from IPexpert. However, i have a hard time focusing on those for some reason. Even though the technical material is good, i just get bored after a short while.

On another note, i just got my MicroSim for my iPad, so now all i need is for IPexpert to release their workbooks on the iPad somehow. That would truly be great.

Now onto more labs! take care!