Going forward.

Its been just over two weeks since my lab attempt.

I have basically done no studying at all during that time.

Time has come to get back in the game. I do have alot of work to do in the near future, but i will still try and do all the studying i can squeeze in.

IPexpert volume 3 labs is comming up and im anxious to see how they are. Especially after trying out the real thing, you really want to compare the labs to each other.

I need more practice with full 8 hour lab experiences. And volume 3 should provide me with that.

My previous lab attempt was the first time i spent so much time completely focused on something. I pretty much did the whole day without any breaks (except the mandatory lunch).

Beyond that i will also look into some of the technology things that got me the last time around. Obviously i cant discuss these because of the NDA. But there are a some things i need some more info on.

I will most likely also go through alot of the videos from IPexpert, just to make sure im not missing out on anything.

All in all, i see a busy future comming up.