Work Work and more Work.

The month of December has been crazy for me.

A ton of work related stuff has been going on. Our HQ move has taken its toll on everybody. Ive been working through every weekend, putting in some 20 odd hours on some days.

Yesterday we pulled the last plug from the old location, having switched over all of our BGP peerings to the new datacenter. Fortunally this went off without a hitch. Outage was about 30 seconds.

Also alot of customers are in the pipeline for installation, so i wont be bored anytime soon. Below is a small setup for a customer who needs High Availability on his new ASA 5510 firewalls. Even though ASA firewalls are not my strong side, its always good to learn something new.

Redundant ASA setup.


All this work means i have less time for study, which is not good. Im hoping for a another attempt late February, early March.

Im going through the technology focused labs again. Still picking up a few things that i have forgot about already. I wish i had a photographic memory for all of these things.

That was a short update from the land of the snow 🙂

I want to say thanks! to everybody for a great 2010. I hope everyone will have a great 2011! I will do my best to make sure of it.

Take care.