Beginning of March

I have received the rest of my routers (1841s), I have also received the memory and flash upgrades for them all (256meg memory and 64mb flash). The guy who sold them to me was very helpful and it turned out he had the cables that i needed as well (some Smart-serial to Smart-serial, as well as some DB60 ones).

Right now im doing some configuration for my access-server as well as checking out that all the memory and flash modules work as expected. So far nothing has gone completely wrong (knock on wood).
I finished installing my extension rack, so i now have 26U available in total. For some reason its already pretty filled 🙂
I need to redo it a bit though since my frame switch needs to go physically closer to the routers. Still some design work there. But other than that its all good.
I am doing some vLectures from INE as well as some volume 1 labs from IPX. I have installed evernote, and i have created one giant task list from the detailed blueprint, which i will use to lab every single thing on it, and cross over that task when im done with it. Hopefully within a few weeks i should be done.
I havent actually rescheduled my lab date yet, mainly because of work constraints, but i plan to in the VERY near future, and not to far out in the future either.
Right now its early morning, and im doing some more Volume 1 labs to get everything settled into my brain. Coffee and Red Bull seems to help alot. Remind me to thank them later on 🙂