Working through detailed blueprint.

I am going through the detailed blueprint, one item at a time and verifying that there are no surprises. Especially IP services and security is something i havent paid enough attention to in the past.

Anyways, there are lots of items on that darn list and going through them all takes alot of time.

I have also been messing around with multicast and using BGP for RPF verification. One thing that i got down was from reading a passage in Developing IP multicast networks, namely that the network advertised in BGP is for the SOURCE only.

Tomorrow is another day of Mock lab. It was supposed to be today, but i overslept, so i had to modify my plan. The plan im trying to follow is a monthly plan that should last until my next lab attempt. I need to follow the structure instead of haphazardly poking a stick at different topics.

Also, Narbiks Vol II labs are pretty good at giving you the fundamentals of a certain technology. To make sure i got the technologies down from the Detailed Blueprint, im using those labs to give some inspiration.

Well, back to the terminal. See you later.