Thoughts on the Skype / Microsoft deal.

My take on the Microsoft purchase of Skype.

Only last week i attended a mandatory briefing of Lync, Microsofts all-in-all wonder for communicating.

Basically its a PBX, IM-server, Video-conferencing, Outlook-Integrator kind of a product.

Basically they have taken alot of code from alot of different half-done products and thrown them into one big pile and put alot of marketing money behind it.

Going beyond my own personal beliefs about Microsoft, the one big issue i have with Lync was the fact that they dont have a single product for the smartphone market. Not windows mobile/7 OS, not Android and ofcourse not an iOS app.

How do you expect to have a total solution when you are missing out on the device that people have on them constantly? — To me thats insane.

The guy couldnt even confirm whether work was under way for anything even remotely like it. The thing that came closest was the fact that you can log into a web-page and see your contacts. Really, thats it?

I only hope that with the purchase of Skype they will be able to implement a decent client for smartphones.

With that note. I will let you all get on with your day! — Take care.